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The original and best REAL Plastic Card manufacturer.

Concept Card was formed in 1984 in sunny Devon, initially in Exeter, moving to Crediton in 1998.  We’ve seen a lot of changes during that time and we’ve seen ideas come and go, while other ideas are just starting to catch on. . . . Contactless cards? We were already making them back in the nineties!  Of course, back then they were only used for access systems. While we’re talking about the nineties, at that time we were in consultation with a major player to produce cards for smart meters (the idea was to take the card to the Post Office where payment could be made according to the reading on the card – sadly, it never went ahead).  We’ve produced cards for every size and type of client, from sole traders to multi-national corporations and Government departments.

How have we kept going so long? By making sure we do what YOU want, the way you want it, at some of the lowest prices around. We are very proud to be a British manufacturer. All of our work is carried out here in Devon with the entire operation carried out in our 9,000 square foot facility. Because of this we are able keep tight control of the manufacturing process with our skilled team of designers, printers and finishers.

We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and as such we are probably one of the longest standing manufacturers.  As a result, the chances are that if you have bought plastic cards in the past through the internet, we could well have been the actual manufacturer of your cards!  50% of our production is dedicated to supplying re-sellers – you would be surprised how many plastic card manufacturers don’t actually ‘produce’ anything, they simply order it in and add their ‘bit’ on top – along with the expected delays caused by having too many links in the chain.  Keep it simple – buy direct from us.

Concept Card is no different to any other company – it’s only as good as it’s staff – something we have always lived by.  30+ years experience in the industry has given us the ability to select, train and retain a superb company of staff, of whom Carol and I are very proud. 

There are 5 people who you might possibly speak to directly at some time during the processing of your order.  We thought you might like to meet them, and be able to put a face to the voice!! 

Paul Brown

In 1978 I had a project that required bespoke plastic cards but at that time such things were not readily available.  Not to be defeated, I did some research (no internet then), eventually coming up with a solution, which was basically to make them myself.  Armed with Addressograph blank white cards, an addressograph embossing machine and a foil printing machine, it was soon a case of job done!  6 years and several brain-storms later I decided it would be a good idea to actually make and market plastic cards for a living.  It was tough at first, but within another 6 years (1990) Concept Card was manufacturing the real thing to ISO 7810 (the International Standard for bank cards).

These days I split my time 50:50 between the office, giving advice on customer’s projects and the factory coming up with ever-more efficient ways of manufacturing.

Carol Brown

I joined Paul at Concept Card as a temporary measure in 1986 and I’m still here!  I’m the person you will most likely speak with first as I’m the one who is  most likely to pick up the phone before anyone else – that’s because I love getting involved with every project.  My official role is as Senior Project Advisor which means I’m usually the first person that gets to discuss your campaigns with you.

I’d like to think that after 30+ years there’s not a lot I don’t know about the best way to utilise your cards in your marketing campaigns.  To me, a plastic card is such a great business tool – but only if the campaign is planned properly – I am committed to leading customers to a successful outcome which will bring them the maximum return on their investment”.

Stuart Ross

Aside from Carol and I, Stuart is the longest serving member of staff at Concept Card, having joined us way back in 1995.  In 22 years, Stuart has carried out every role in the company and hence has a wealth of experience which justifies his rise to the role he now occupies – Managing Director and Head of Design.  Long may it continue!

Wiktor Pobieda

Wiktor has been with us for a number of years, and has devoted his entire career to graphic design.  He is a great designer – a role which accompanies his full control of the processes involved in personalising and delivering your cards.

Margaret Proctor

Margaret has worked with us for many years and is our Production Supervisor.  When you place you’re order, Margaret is the person who makes sure your cards are not just made beautifully, but also that they are made at all!!  Margaret, like all of our staff, is a highly repected and valued member of staff.

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