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On this page, you’ll find details of the sort of things you might like to consider when you think about a card campaign.  APPEARANCE IS EVERYTHING will give you valuable information about some of the facilities and options that we can offer, while IDEAS THAT WORK will give you the opportunity to see what other people have done with their cards, plus a few design ideas that customers have gone for in the past.  And if it worked for them……

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Appearance is everything.

Tell us what you are trying to achieve and we’ll make it happen.  At Concept Card we have over 30 years of experience that we will use to help you create the perfect campaign using the perfect card for your needs.

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The right appearance

Getting a card that does what you need is of course essential and it’s our job to make sure that’s exactly what you get.  The right design is critical to ensure that the appearance of the card does the job required and makes your customer feel the way you want them to feel . The right choice of colour, font and image can be the difference between class, elegance, fun and utility.  There’s no limit to the colours, images, styles, fonts and other visual elements you can use, but there is a right way to combine your look with the type of card that you need.

The right functionality

You need to be aware, a card can possibly do much more for you and your business than you might expect.  Although membership cards can simply let paid members in the gate (it’s the ideal way to control any membership system), it can do so much more.  It can record the holders’ purchases, motivate them to pay the next years’ membership and more.  The means used to manage access, expiry dates and other options that can be ‘built in’ can be used to ensure customers pay on-time, renew memberships and stay loyal to you.  That’s how your card becomes a very powerful tool.  The right security or data features can be the difference between one-off customers and people who stay with you for years.

The right card uses

Cards can be used for much more than ID or security. They can even earn for you!

  • Discount cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • VIP cards
  • Privilege cards
  • Vouchers
  • Promotional material
  • Business cards
  • Conference/Delegate passes
  • Membership cards
  • Access cards
  • Time / Shift track panels
  • Photo ID cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Carvery Vouchers

The right finish

We can offer a full range of finishes to ensure your cards look, feel and operate exactly the way you need them to.  Finishes include:

  • ISO Bank Card standard (laminated)
  • Surface printed PVC
  • Clear Plastic
  • Press-polished
  • Composite (paper core, plastic overlay)
  • Full ISO with magnetic stripe

Of course if you need something even more specialist we can almost certainly do that too!

The right shapes and sizes

We can supply cards in over 40 standard sizes, from 50x20mm to 167x92mm. We also have a number of unusual shapes we can produce for novelty or to stand out from the competition.

Click here to see our ‘standard’ size range – there’s plenty to choose from.

We can also create a card shape to your exact requirements, making it unique.  Almost anything is possible.

The right continuity

Just because we offer a great service providing new ideas and appearances doesn’t mean we cant match and/or duplicate what you’ve already got.  Whether is a case of using the same logo right through to creating a mirror image of your current cards, just tell us what you need and we’ll deliver

  • Blank, black & white, limited colours or full-colour
  • Supply your own art, photo or image
  • Let us supply or create the images
  • Exactly match an existing card
  • Match a brand or existing style

*purchased or custom fonts may need to be supplied

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Regardless of whether you have a concrete intention, or absolutely no idea what you want, take a look at a few ideas that other people are already using – which means they work.  You never know……

The Campaign

We have supplied base cards to this world wide company for a number of years.

ALC say:

We have received the delivery of VIP Cards.  Thank you very much for turning these around so quickly – you have saved the day!

 Kind regards

Sheena Young, Associate Director

The Campaign

Regency Wines use plastic business cards because they portray quality, style and durability.

Regency Wines say:

We have purchased our business cards from Concept Card for over 16 years and wouldn’t change as the plastic cards have a high impact making a great first impression and are less likely to be thrown away.  The service has always been really quick and easy, a great company to deal with.

April Marks,  Regency Wines Ltd

The Campaign

To give themselves the best possibly edge in terms of quality appearance, the staff at this fine restaurant opted to use plastic cards as Carvery Vouchers.  

Hare & Hounds say:

These cards are great, especially as they are so tough and simply wipe clean even after being handled by the greasiest ofChef and Staff hands.  A great investment that also looks good.

The Campaign

A successful Loyalty Program aimed at making sure customers re-visit the business and feel valued and rewarded for doing so.  You can’t buy advertising that works like that.  

Jolly Nice say:

Great program and a great product from a business that has the same ethos as us – going the extra mile pays dividends!

The Campaign

HMS Racing have been using us to provide VIP Passes for a number of years.

HMS Racing say:

Having used Concept Card for our VIP Passes we have to say that we have always found their service second to none. You get a great product, a great price & delivery on time every time. We would not use anybody else for our VIP Passes.

Dean Speake
Guest Hospitality, HMS Racing

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More than a few happy clients

Because we’ve been doing this for over 30 years, we have quite a large customer base of past and present customers, including more than a few names you might recognise.  And like we keep saying, if it worked for them.

Ready to talk?  Click HERE to go to our contact page or call us (and speak to a REAL PERSON!) on:

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