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Our Cards

We really do offer an unlimited range of cards, so if you don’t see what you need here, do get in touch. If you can imagine it we can create it!

Card Uses

Cards can be used for much more than ID or security. They can even earn for you!
  • Discount cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • VIP cards
  • Privilege
  • Voucher
  • Promotional
  • Business cards
  • Conference/delegate
  • Membership
  • Access
  • Time / shift tracking
  • Photo ID
  • Gift Cards
  • Carvery Receipt
Example prices

It’s very difficult to give prices because there are so many factors, colour, size, features and more which affect things. The following is a guide only to help you get some idea of what your cards might cost.

We offer the same value as other card makers and our free design and advice, making us competitive or better. If you’d like an accurate price just give us a call: 01363 777567.

Standard ‘credit card’ style, full colour front and rear.

Quant. Cards + mag strip Delivery
100 £70 £10 £10
500 £151 £20 £10
1,000 £228 £30 £12
2,000 £360 £45 £14

The type of card is half the story, but have you considered everything you might get from your card?

A membership card can simply let paid members in the gate, but what about incentivising them to pay for next years membership? A card is the ideal way to control any membership system.

How access is managed, the look of the card, expiry dates and more can be used to ensure customers pay on-time, renew memberships and stay loyal to you. Your card then becomes a tool, not just an expense.

Extra benefits can be gained from every type of card if they’re created and used the right way.
Let us help you get the best card you can, give us a call on:
01363 777 567

Get a sample pack

You can’t beat holding the card in your hand. We’ll send you a selection of genuine cards for actual clients so that you can really feel the quality and value your cards will offer.

Request one now

Card Design

The right design is essential to ensure that the card does the job required, or that it makes the customer feel the way you want them to feel – or even both. The right choice of colour, font and image is the difference between class, elegance, fun, utility or a thousand other messages. The right security or data features can be the difference between one-off customers and people who stay with you for years.

At Concept Card we have a design team with years of experience who will help you create the perfect card for your needs. There is no limit to the colours, images, styles, fonts and other visual elements you can use, but there is a right way to combine your look with the type of card that you need.

  • Unlimited choice of fonts*
  • Blank, black & white, limited colours or full-colour
  • Supply your own art, photo or image
  • Let us supply or create the images
  • Visible or hidden security features
  • Exactly match an existing card
  • Match a brand or existing style
  • Create a whole new brand for you or your product

*purchased or custom fonts may need to be supplied

Comtrex POS Card

DHL Drivers Card

DHL Drivers Card Back

Dominos Driver Keyfob

Aldershot Pool Membership Card

Edinburgh Capitals Season Ticket

Horse & Hound Discount Card

Holiday Inn Key Card

Hull City Directors Pass

NHS Team Card

Mytimeactive Golf Membership Card

1,000 styles, 1,000 uses

Concept Card are probably the most flexible card company in the UK.

From a single card to any number you require, small, medium or star-shaped!

We can provide a handful of cards for a special occasion, or supply bulk-orders for large projects or retail.

For a list of ‘off the shelf’ availability…


  • ISO Bank Card standard (laminated)
  • Surface printed PVC
  • Clear Plastic
  • Press-polished
  • Composite (paper core, plastic overlay)
  • Full ISO with magnetic stripe

Of course if you need something specialist we can probably do that too!


We can supply cards in over 40 standard sizes, from 50x20mm to 167x92mm. We also have a number of unusual shapes we can produce for novelty or to stand out from the competition.

If you need an exact size or a unique shape we can price and time the job for you. Almost anything is possible but obviously the more unusual the card the more it may cost.

To discuss more unique requirements give us a call: 01363 777567

Don't be shy

If we haven't answered all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line. We're happy to offer advise with no obligation.

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